This is, the home of The ChairShot Podcast, a weekly "insight-free" podcast covering wrestling, movies, and whatever else. We cover news, reviews, opinions and more with the intent of offering the listener a unique and honest insight into goings on in the wrestling industry both past and present.

The podcast was originally part of the LoudySpeak Network, and was developed by three wrestling fans from the forums. However, is entirely independent from LoudySpeak & Pilkipedia and is now its own entity.

The ChairShot Podcast aims to offer the perfect experience for wrestling fans on the internet. Users can email their thoughts on every aspect of the sport including their own reviews and opinions of events as well as airing their greivances with particular competitors or companies. The podcast is all about the free exchange of ideas and the celebration of professional wrestling and all other forms of entertainment.

The podcast has been running since February 2010 and currently encompasses over 300 episodes. So please, by all means share the good word and get involved! Email in! Share the latest episode on social media! The more fans we can involve, the better for all involved!

For any enquiries of any kind, please use the email form at the bottom of the page, or contact us at